Science And The Christian 
The Study Of God's Creation

True science is the study of facts, not opinions. When we study things that we know to be true, we can discover more facts. Science is also studying what we can see, to understand that which we cannot see. 

Scripture says, "For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse."   ...Romans 1:20

Science is actually the study of God's creation. And proof of the Creator is in all of creation. So it is very sad that many Christian shy away from science. Our Lord made all that is. There is nothing that is that He did not make. Studying God's creation should be top on the list of things to do for those of us who are His.

If the things of God that are invisible are clearly seen and understood by things that He made, even the power of the Godhead (the triune God), then studying the things that He made is one thing that we should be doing.

It is no wonder why Satan chose to attack the field of science. If Satan can get people to question if the things made were really made at all, then he gets people to question if the Maker of those things is real. If there is nothing made, then no one made anything, and there is no one to worship for such things. This includes our very person. If no one made us, then we have no one to praise for having made us, no one to thank, and no one to love back.

If such were to be the case, then we have no one over us to tell us right from wrong. And we certainly have no need for a Savior for sins to be forgiven, because there would be no such thing as sin. If there is no Maker, no Creator, no God, then there is no high authority to say what is and isn't sin. Or is there?

Just as the government takes over the governing of children whose parents allow such to happen, so too does the government take over the position of the highest authority with a people that allows such to happen. Considering that the government is made up of humans, it actually elevates man to the most high.

Satan knows God is real. Satan wanted to be God. Satan also knows that if a person rejects the true God, that Satan can be in control of that person, hence become that person's god. Satan also knows that if he can put his own in high places of government, he can also further the persecution of biblical Christians.

The teaching that man evolved from a trail of events that started with something that came from nothing is taught in public schools. Young children are taught this at a time when they are very impressionable. When this teaching is combined with the fact that the government is doing the raising of most of these children, the psychological impact is strong. Subconsciously it says the government mommy and daddy say we come from nothing, are going to nothing, and we are nothing. 

People with no hope are uncivilized and far easier to rule over. This is because where there is civil unrest, it is easy to sell the "need" for more laws and less freedom. If God is not the God of a nation, then the government will be. And since the government does not have the ability to change a person's heart, the government will oppress the people and use the bad behavior of people as cause to do so.

We Christians need to begin to undo the conditioning that the government has done. We Christians have to take over the raising of our own children. And along with getting into the word of God, we have to stop shying away from science. We cannot let secular science scare us away from true science. 

Humanists claim that Christians and science do not mix. They say Christians are against science. That is like saying that because Christians are against false gods, we are against the true God. It is just ridiculous. Just as we are not against the true God, we are not against true science. We are against false science. 

Science is the study of our God's creation. And studying it is a beautiful place to meet with God. When you study that which God made, you will marvel at God's creativity, His ability, His beauty and His endlessness. Studying what God has made is an amazing faith builder. Science is how we can see the invisible things of God, by the very things that He made. You can get started right online. Below are links to some great information for you and your entire family



 Debra J.M. Smith