Basic Human Right


Today's liberals say it is basic human rights to have needs met at the expense of others, like health care, food, and an education. Yesterday's liberals felt it was a right as well. As yesterday's liberals did, today's liberals use forced servitude to achieve their goals. Of course we are all familiar with how yesterday's liberals enslaved blacks and forced them to work as slaves, so that the wealthy people had their so-called rights met. But many do not see how today's liberals have enslaved tax-payers.

Those of us who pay taxes are forced to give a huge amount of our money to the masters. The masters are the politicians who buy votes with free stuff, and those who receive the free stuff are also the masters. So what about the basic human right that is freedom? It's what our founding fathers spoke of.

Our founding fathers said all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. It baffles me that our founding fathers could write such a thing and yet not free the slaves of their day. I was shocked when I learned that George Washington had slaves. 

It is easy to believe our founding fathers were perfect, to forget that they were people like people of today. The fact of it is that while they said pretty things, they did not always up to what they said. I am sure this sounds familiar. 

Just as it was wrong for our founding fathers to allow slavery to continue in this country, so too it is wrong for today's government to allow slavery. Our basic human right is not health care or food or even an education. It is freedom. All else grows from freedom. Without freedom we do not truly have the right to the pursuit of happiness. We hear this all the time today, that we should not want more than someone else has, even if we work for it. 

Without freedom we are at the mercy of whoever it is that is keeping us in bondage. And THAT is why we Americans are in bondage to our government today. We cannot earn a living without paying money that goes to the masters. We cannot buy anything without paying money to the masters. We cannot even die without paying money to the masters.

When you cannot earn a living without giving some of your money to those who do not earn it, then you are not free. It is that simple. Public schools, welfare, social security, Medicare, Medicaid; these things are what began modern-day slavery in America. We (as a people) are forced to pay into them and as a result most are forced to use them to some degree at some point in our lives. Hence, enters socialism. Then there are those people who have never paid into them, who use them. They are the true slave-owners of our day. The rest of us are the slaves and the people caught in socialism. Anything but free.

There are other things that stomp on our basic human right to freedom, like when people are forced to hire someone they do not want working for them in their own business, or when people are forced to serve someone they do not wish to serve. Now we are forced to have health care coverage. Socialism gives way to communism, which gives way to a dictatorship. It is just a matter of time before all of those "masters" collecting money for nothing from a system that they never put into are forced to get up and work for that money. Then they will be crying.

Freedom -- Our basic human right


 Debra J.M. Smith