My Online/Activism Story
The Long and Short of It



In the spring of 2006 I sort of stumbled into right wing Christian activism. People who had made me their reason for waking up in the morning had inadvertently unleashed me onto the whole of society after having gotten me kicked off of AOL, where I had been part of a Christian chat room for five years. Actually, I was pretty much a main character, so-to-say in that chat room. Some might even say "The Star of The Show." Yes, that sounds odd. But that was the case. People liked the living soap opera that we had all fallen into
. While I grew to love many people in that chat room, many bad people grew to love causing me trouble. And after five years it all came to an abrupt end, which prompted me to write my first article: Click Here

It was actually a long time online friend who found another AOL article online written by a man who worked for Alan Keyes and for a website called Renew America. After reading his article I contacted him and told him a bit about what had happened to me. He then asked if I would send him an article about my AOL situation, and I did just that. Renew America then posted that article of mine on the website and soon another article and gave me a column there. In the mean-time, I learned that site's owner was a Book of Mormon pushing Mormon, and I ended up off of that site quite quickly. The man who had asked me for my AOL article ended up off of that site soon after as well. That man and I worked together in activism work for roughly two years till he had a very serious car accident, and we never worked together again.

Saddened by what had happened with my activism partner of two years I was basically a sitting duck for some nuts on another website, a site called Blog Talk Radio. Yes, I did not seem to learn my lesson and soon found myself thinking that I had fallen into a place with a lot of great Christians to work with. I was wrong again! For that article,
Click Here.

That stunt gave me another long-time internet person in activism who is the one person I do still occasionally correspond with. Over the past 17 years I have spoken with countless people and got close to some forever special people. I learned a lot about people and was able to even help some (here is one story:
click here). The best was in the very beginning of my AOL time when some people came to believe on Jesus Christ for salvation. My activism included fighting the health care law, Obama Care. Fighting Obama Care involved speaking at a Tea Party event in PA and a local town hall style meeting of my own near my home. During that time, I exposed the second most powerful woman in congress, Louise Slaughter for the monster she is and even ended up on a national news show, as well as a local news station. The local news station actually had me on for a few other topics too. Perhaps the most emotional activism that I worked on was on the 9/11 Flight 93 story. I had met the parents of Tom Burnett Jr. over the phone and had several phone calls with his mother. For those articles Click Here. There was much more, but I want to keep this short.

To all who have been with me at some point in my activism, I wish you all well and joy in our Lord. I know I summed it all up quickly here. But we all know the wild ride that at times in the past it was.

Debra J.M. Smith  


 Debra J.M. Smith