Sexuality & Marriage
Straight Talk


With all the talk about sexuality and marriage, it only seemed right that I have an article that takes on this topic. This is especially with all the distortion that goes on in the world about these two things. So let's begin.

Keep in mind that the people I am addressing on this topic are Christians, biblical born again Christians. The natural man/woman is just not going to get what I am talking about here. This is because they don't want to get it and because they do not have the Holy Spirit to lead and teach them the things of God.

The bible is very simple on the topic of sexuality and marriage. It says marriage is between one man and one woman. We see this in Genesis where scripture says, "Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created." Then we see in the book of Matthew, Jesus saying, "Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh." This is very clear, one man with one woman.

The bible shows us that any sexual activity outside of a marriage is wrong. Even when men had more than one wife, scripture showed that to not work out well. And clearly more than two people are not going to become one, as we see what Jesus said. Also, two people of the same gender are not what scripture speaks of for marriage. But today some state governments are perverting marriage and allowing that which is not true marriage to take place and handing out licenses for such.

I have come to believe that there should be no such thing as a marriage license. Marriage is a private thing and only those who wish to participate should do so (this means no forcing businesses to participate.) All the government should do is recognize that two people make the claim to be married and that should be all that is needed. If the government is not going to do it God's way, then it should not do it at all. In other words, I don't believe our government should say what is and is not a legal marriage. Imagine the power that this would take out of the hands of the wicked, if we could just get our government out of the business of marriage and to respect the rights of businesses to say no if they choose to.

Marriage is a beautiful thing between two Christians who do it God's way. When two Christians come together and make a life together it is going to be rough and they are going to spend time fighting and crying. But they will also have good times, loving times, times where they really feel that oneness with each other. And marriage is not all about sex. Yes, sex is a great thing in a marriage. But there is far more to marriage than sex. And no, I do not believe that God meant anything goes in the marriage bed, when He said it is undefiled. I believe He was meaning that sex is not a sin in the marriage bed. I don't believe He was meaning we could do disgusting perverted things in bed that cause harm.

Keep in mind that scripture tells both the husband and the wife to submit to one-another. Then scripture tells the woman the same thing again and goes on to tell the man to love his wife as Jesus loves the church. This scripture is meaning exactly what it says. Couples should not make more or less of it than it says. Submit to each other. Yes, that means wives too. And husbands, die to yourself and do what is right for your wife, love her with all that is in you and begin with loving God before all else.

In a true biblical Christian marriage there are three. There is the husband, the wife, and the Lord. Married Christian couples should not forget about the Lord. There is no better way to be close to each other than to study God's word together and pray and praise the Lord together. Prayer for blessings on the marriage are a wonderful thing. Actually, a good way to know if what you are doing or about to do sexually in your marriage is okay with God to do, is to see if you can actually ask God to bless it. If you cannot even get those words out of your mouth about something you are getting ready to do, then do not do whatever that something is. There is your answer. Let God be who you go to about everything.


 Debra J.M. Smith