My Blogger Bullies
The more we put ourselves out there, the more that is going to happen to us.




Catholic Blogger Bullies
Donald and John run a catholic blogspot blog. They have posted numerous blog posts that go after me personally for my Protestant work online. At one point John claimed that he would debate me on air.  I took him up on it and challenged him by email to a debate with a mutual friend who agreed to moderate it on neutral ground.

John declined, proceeded to send out nasty emails, and took to his blog, claiming I was refusing to debate him. I tried to reason with him. At one point he said he would start new. However his wife then started up. John soon started up again, but not until after he issued a challenge that was to be on his radio show, with Donald moderating. I declined. 

Donald, who initially presented himself as the kind one, ended up joining in with John and even told me that he would remove all of their posts about me, if I remove all of my website topical posts that go against Catholicism. That's a bully. And Donald claims that I started things, when there is not any evidence of me starting one thing with them, personally. The only thing I have online about them, personally, is on this page here on my website. This is it. This is all of it.

While they were still going after me, John emailed me a link to yet another challenge. It came with a string of nasty emails, a threat of more posts, and he even said he would claim victory if I didn't accept within forty-eight hours. I was not about to accept a challenge laced with such trouble. And he did actually claim victory for a debate that never was.

Here is a link to an audio that really shows John in action: Click Here
The Debunking of Catholicism: Click Here 



Heathen Blogger Bully

The heathen blogger bully likes to scout out anyone who worships the Lord and harass that person for his/her beliefs. Let's call this blogger bully "OT," which stands for "okpulot taha." A person using that online user name is who inspired me to add this section.


OT found me on a blog and went right after me. At first I thought OT simply did not understand something that I had posted and that OT was very unhappy about what OT thought I was saying. Very soon it became evident that OT's problem was with me, personally.

OT's problem with me was my faith. OT even suggest that I read something titled, "The Arrogance Of Faith." What OT did when OT suggested that to me was show me that OT's real problem with me was my faith in the Lord.


Wacko Blogger Bully

He goes by the online user name of Wacko Bob. His hack-job on me comes up on front pages of a google search of my name because he is on BTR (Blog Talk Radio). He had called into my show when I was on that site and defended me to the hill when all of the trouble was going on. Later, after I was off of that site, Bob became upset with me when I was working so closely with others on another radio show. He seemed to believe that he was my partner, when he wasn't.


Bob got his feelings hurt and wrote me a "goodbye" email. Then he went on to do some not-nice audio that remains online. I really do not desire to say anything bad about Bob, as I truly liked him and am really not mad at him. Anyone who actually listens to Bob's rants would hear quite quickly that this is just a man who felt he was losing a friend and jumped the gun with his hurt feelings. But for those who see his audio posts come up in google with my name attached and wonder what happened, that's the whole of it.

Here is a link to an article about BTR; at the bottom of the page is a link to the audio of my final night there: Click Here


Homosexual Blogger Bullies

There are a number of homosexual blogs (i.e. Pam and Keven) on blogspot that also come up on google searches with my name. The reason for their posts against me should go without saying. But I will say it here anyway. They are upset with me for speaking my thoughts on homosexuality. So they tell falsehoods about me.

Blogs owned by homosexuals or their advocates can be spotted quite quickly. I am always shocked when people take what they say on their blogs and run their comments.

I just cannot believe that anyone would take such posts seriously. But because some people think if they see it on google, that it must be true, I thought they should be included on this page.

Let's all be smarter than just believing something on google because it is there. Seriously consider the source(s) of anything that you read or hear online.

Stalker Bloggers Bullies


Then there are those pesky AOL stalkers of mine. Yep, I will never feel alone as long as they are online because they actually follow me to other online places. And because these people post their deeds on blogspot, years later they still come up in google searches of my name. It is my name that gets them hits on their blog.

These are the people who are anti-Christian and yet parked themselves daily in an AOL Christian chat room. They got to the point where they began blogs, calling for the reporting of my every posted comment, even bible scripture. I kid you not, I received AOL violations for posting bible scripture in a Christian chat room because homosexuals and wiccans were offended by it.

I wrote an article on the demise of my AOL account that is quite humorous, but really gets to the heart of the situation. It was my first article that launched my activism work: Click Here --This article actually first appeared on Renew America when Alan Keyes was the chairman of that site. But it was quickly removed when I told the owner of the site to remove my short lived column on that site upon learning that the owner was a Book of Mormon pushing Mormon. I stand for truth no matter what.

                          Psalms 27:2 When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell.


 Debra J.M. Smith